Helpful Tips When Visiting The Philippines:


Baggage area and change room will be provided.

Please come early to the venue as we will start on time.

Venue ;

SM Southmall, Las Pinas Manila
Basement level ,

Warm up mats will be provided

If you have any questions please email us at ;

Use the Subject: " INFO"


If you arrive at any Naia Terminal in Manila you can take a Taxi directly to your hotel

If you are arriving at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) in Clark you have four options, Free shuttle from Resort World , Philtranco Bus , Air Asia shuttle or Shuttle to Dau ask at the information counter.

Airport Taxis getting around

The yellow Taxis are metered ( flag fare P70 approx US 1.80 )
The white taxis have a fixed rate to a destination
The yellow the Orchid Hotel approx P120 to the venue.
Keep plenty of change as the drivers wont have any.
Make sure they use the meter; you will find most drivers are friendly and can speak English.
It is advisable to lock all doors.

Be careful crossing the road , if you come from say Japan , Australia or perhaps NZ don't forget to look left first then right as they drive on the left side of the road as in the US. Be careful on a pedestrian crossing some cars will just drive around you.

Jeepneys are a very cheap way to get around a trip costs P10


Most Filipinos speak English moderately well, while many are completely fluent.

In Manila everyone speaks English , in the provinces the level of proficiency may vary.

You will find everyone very helpful , if you are lost just ask any of the guards in the buildings for direction.


The Philippines besides having its own cultural cuisine has plenty of other choices too.
Filipinos love to eat, so you will not have to look far to find plenty of places to dine. Try some of the local dishes and the deserts are great as well. We recommend you try some of the great juices on offer like Mango, Pineapple shakes and one of my favourites Bibinka a sort of rice cake with egg.
Malls and Shopping

Next to eating Filipinos love to go shopping, and there is plenty of great choices.
Being the venue for the comp SM Mall of Asia is a great place to start.
As the third largest Mall in the World you will find everything under one big roof.
They also have great restaurants and late night bars, we recommend any SM Mall they are clean spacious and offer everything.


We recommend you stay at the Orchid Hotel or Paragon Hotel, they are close to the venue and the rates are very reasonable with a special discount for ADDCC competitors and supporters. Booking reference ADCC


If you want to catch up on a movie, SM has the biggest movie houses you can find , the average cost is around P200 or about US$5.

Resorts / Vacation

We have included the link for the Tourism Department.

The Philippines has some beautiful places to visit, with it's Tropical climate and white sandy beaches your stay will be enjoyable. If you have the time we recommend staying an extra few days to explore some of the Islands or places within a day trip of Manila. You can contact Rajah Travel for the best sights on offer.

You will have chance to experience first hand the friendly service of your hosts and the unique places on offer. Beside the World famous Borocay voted the Worlds No 1 Island resort there is plenty of gems to be discovered.


November is one of the cooler months; December is the coldest month of the year. Average temperature 24 degrees , there is always some humidity.


Filipinos are very friendly and helpful by Nature , the City and the Malls are very safe , but always keep an eye on your valuable. We advise you to leave any valuable and passports at your hotel.

Money Exchange

At the airport of your departure you may be able to find the Philippine currency which is in Peso's. Or we recommend that you change some currency at the Manila airport. Exchange at least P2000 pesos (approx US$50) ask for small notes for the taxi fare to the hotel. You can change most currency's at a local money exchanger for the best rates.

You can also use a credit card to access funds at most ATMs ,this can be the most convenient and cheapest method. Most cards will have a daily limit but it should be plenty to cover your expenses.